The Robb Report Selection for the “Best of The Best” In unparalleled expertise and extraordinary resourcefulness in the acquisition and sales of the rare and beautiful chess sets of the world.

Elizabeth Gann Collections represents only the premium Chess artisans, and companies, exclusively. Our hallmark quality, design, originality and exquisite craftsmanship stands the test of time as fine art and in appreciative value.


  Oleg Raikis, Art & Chess Expert with the Prestigious State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow is a sculptor, whose extraordinary original designs and his enhanced re- creations of antique chess sets available only in museums are much in demand.

His works are highly prized in the private collections of celebrities in the political, financial and entertainment worlds.

Surpassing the artistry of the past, creating Masterpieces that will become Legacies to the future, each set is custom order, taking 3 months to one year to Hand Carved.


Piero Benzoni - For those unfamiliar with his artistry, interpretation, and depth of design, he is unparalleled. Each piece is finished to perfection.

Not a chess table but a War Table…big enough to contain an immense field of battle so that both Kings can take the measure of his or her opponent in a setting fit for this Royal Game. The size of the table offers a superb clarity of view abetting the deep analysis of strategy and tactics commensurate with the skill and accomplishments of the players. The ability to walk around the table to survey the game and positional settings adds immeasurably to the joy of the game. Nothing takes the game to its war derived roots like this set. The Chess Pieces and table are Bronze Highlighted with Gold with an onyx board. The Table is 49.5" Sq...The King: 12.6"

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